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My Story

My name is Heather King, your host. Also an experienced Speech and Language Therapist, I reached burn out, working in 8 different schools and knew I needed to pause. I lost my lovely Dad, and wasn't taking care of myself but didn't know how to make a change.

I felt lost and stuck, with no tools or practices to turn to. I had been thinking the answer would be in a promotion, a boyfriend or something I could buy.

So, in 2020 I quit my job, packed a bag and set out for The Camino de Santiago with my dog. I didn't know much about hiking, or speak any Spanish, but I knew that there was more to life than the daily grind and overwhelming amounts of paperwork that were taking over. I wanted to challenge myself physically and spiritually with a pilgrimage. 


Then, the Pandemic hit. I managed to hike one day, and had to turn back. I was in a new relationship and went to stay with him for a while.


As I sat in my tent in the rain one morning, scrolling and feeling a bit lost, a Yoga Teacher Training popped up. It was exactly the amount of money I had, to the penny.  Full of self-doubt, I booked it anyway.

I returned to London and what happened next was beyond my imagination. From day 1, the teachings of yoga captured me. I couldn't believe how much there was to absorb. I had no idea the depth of the philosophy and how much hope, resilience and calm it would suddenly bring to my life.

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With my new certificate, I was ready to teach! I went to my favourite beach in Dorset, painted a YOGA sign and the next morning, 17 people came. I couldn't believe it. I taught a simple class, I guided breath, I had so much fun! I had found my calling and knew something special was unfolding.

Fast Forward to 2024, I am hosting 6 weekend retreats this year, multiple day retreats, bespoke classes and group offerings. A community of like-minded souls has formed and I have been inspired by their openness.


Everyday I forget and remember again that awareness is everything, the body holds so much wisdom and that leading with gentle compassion has saved me time and again.

My offerings intend to offer space and fresh perspective to all guests, in their own time.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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