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Yoga Flows, Guided Meditations, Restorative Yoga, Poems and more to come!

Short Flows

A simple flow of 4 poses- perfect for your daily practice

A standing flow for strength and flexibility in the back of the body

A seated practice to move and nourish the spine

A great flow for balance, hip flexibility and the heart.

Restorative Practices

5 minute supported fish pose

30 minute yin and yoga nidra practice


Meditation Audios

Poem  Book Cover.png
Forest Meditation
00:00 / 16:28

Listen to this meditation in a wood, or journey there in your mind.

Meditation with Bells
00:00 / 21:41

Music starts; bell after one minute; chime ten minutes later; chime 8 minutes later; 3 bells 20 minutes later; music comes to a close.


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Design your own Bespoke Retreat
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